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    Cooking Method Movies

    Cooking Method Movies


    Prostart Cooking Method Video Demonstrations.

    Cooking Method Video Tutorials

    Learning Objectives:

    • 18.1     List and explain the three types of heat transfer.
    • 18.2     Describe dry-heat cooking methods, and list the foods to which they are suited.
    • 18.3     Describe moist-heat cooking methods, and list the foods to which they are suited.
    • 18.4     Describe combination-heat cooking methods, and list the foods to which they are suited.
    • 18.6     Identify ways to determine if a food has reached the correct degree of doneness.
    • Demonstrate professional food preparation methods and techniques for all menu categories to produce a variety of food products that meet customer needs (pp. 378–397)



    • Connection to Prior learning: Start the class by reviewing cooking methods from foods II.  Have 3 columns on the board with the following labels: 1). Dry heat cooking methods, 2.) Moist Heat cooking methods, and 3.) Combination cooking methods.  Give the students a graphic organizer with the same chart and 3 columns. Have the students work as groups to list as many cooking methods as they can in each category.
    • Finished list below.
    • Go over the student charts and see what they remember from foods 2.  
    Dry Heat Cooking MethodsMoist Heat Cooking methodsCombination Cooking methods
    BroilingSimmering Braising 
    GrillingPoaching & shallow poachingStewing
    Roasting Blanching  
    Sauteing Boiling 
    Pan-frying, stir-frying, and deep-frying  

    Day 1 Lesson

    • Review the powerpoint on the various cooking methods.  Have the students fix and fill in their charts with notes on each cooking method. 
    • Introduce Video Project.
    • Project Description

      • Have the students get into groups of 2-3.  Have each group randomly draw one of the cooking methods. 
      • Have them research that cooking method.  Have each group find a recipe they want to make that uses that cooking method. Submit their recipe on Canvas.
      • For the remainder of class demonstrate how to edit a video using the iPads on iMovie.

    Day 2 Lesson

    • The next class, I will have purchased all of the ingredients they need to make the recipe they submitted using their assigned cooking method. 
    • In the foods lab the groups will make that recipe while filming a tutorial for the rest of the class that highlights their assigned cooking method.  
    • At the end of class, have the groups share their food product with the rest of the class.

    Day 3 Lesson

    • The students will edit their video during 6th period.  During 7th period the students will present their videos to the rest of the class and talk to them about their assigned cooking method and their food product.