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Cellular Respiration
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This resource includes a Google Slides presentation teachers can use to teach a lesson on cellular respiration. The Slides presentation can be converted into a Nearpod presentation using the Nearpod add-on. Accompanying this resource is a video explanation of how to use the resource and how technology has been strategically added to the lesson to engage students. I took an "old" lesson on cellular respiration that was simply comprised of a PowerPoint Presentation with a worksheet of fill-in-the-blank notes and a crossword puzzle for early finishers and enhanced it using Nearpod. I also used the new Utah Science and Engineering (SEEd) standards to have students compare the phenomena of how fast can Usain Bolt run, and how many world records he could actually have at the Olympics.  Students take a poll to assess whether they think Mr. Bolt deserves the title, "The fastest man alive!"  When we look at the mathematical chart data using a collaborative board in Nearpod, students can see that glycolysis is different than cellular respiration and that every human has a metabolic threshold.  Students then explore sugar burning through a Nearpod sticky-note discussion and get direct instruction on the chemistry of cellular respiration by using Nearpod fill-in-the-blank cards that automatically score responses.  Resource Author: Shannon Mower

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