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Create an in-flight" video exploring a historical event"

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This 2-hour lesson plan helps students create a video to be used as an inflight video showing a historical event they are traveling to in the past. In this lesson, students document locations, historical figures, historical landmarks, and social conditions of that time. Because Adobe Premiere Rush enables professional video editing, this lesson empowers students to create a documentary-style video.

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Claudio Zavala Jr.

Augmented Reality in Education Lesson Ideas

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Augmented reality (AR) allows students to learn about the world by enhancing how they can relate to, contextualize, and interact with it through movement and active exploration.With iPad, students can use AR to explore outer esace, immerse themselves in the wonders of the world, and examine art and historical artifacts from national museums—in any learning environment. They can visualize experiences that would be impossible to see otherwise.Whether you want to extend an existing lesson or inesire new ones, you can use and apply AR in math and science, language arts, history, and social studies to elevate engagement, deepen understanding, and make learning more personal and meaningful for students of all ages.

Material Type: Lesson, Unit of Study

Google AR & VR

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There are many ways to utilize the Google search engine and Google apps to access augmented and virtual reality media. This page describes these tools, including Google Lens, AR in Google Search, Live View in Google Maps, and AR Core.

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Author: Google


Habitats & Photography

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This lesson plan teaches students about the habitats found around the world and encourages digital fluency by requiring them to explore digital resourses and create an Adobe Photo Page.  First, students will question, discuss, view, explore, read, and research to build their knowledge.  Then they will demonstrate this knowlege by choosing a habitiat, selecting appropriate photos, adding descriptive informational text, and providing correct citations to their projects.  They will then publish and share their projects with their peers.  Intro Image Citation:Nambia Desert Sand, By FuN_Lucky,  PixaBay License

Material Type: Lesson, Lesson Plan

Author: Shannon Miller


Human Faces

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This is an intro into Photoshop lesson for students. I use this as the second project of the semester for both my Commerical Art and Photography students to get them to have a better understanding of Adobe Photoshop. The main skills focused on are: the lasso tool, blending, hue and saturation, transforming an image and copy right images. This lesson is for middle or high school and takes about 2 hours hitting both CTE and Art state standards. (The image on the front of lesson plan has one eye and the nose altered.) 

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Lesson, Lesson Plan

Author: courtney

How to record a podcast

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With help from student reporter Sonal Prakash, SRL explains the best ways to tell audio stories at home. Use this accompanying one-pager for more on audio storytelling and step-by-step instructions for creating your own podcast.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Lesson

UCET 21 - Sharing Your Voice Through Podcasting

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Jared Covili and Fernando Lara from UEN present to virtual attendees about podcasting at the 2021 Utah Coalition for Educational Technology Conference. Come learn how to share your voice through podcasting. This session will provide you with essential information on creating your own podcast and sharing it with your audience. We'll share technical tips, provide advice for developing your own style, and answer your questions. Look behind the scenes at UEN Homeroom and learn our secrets.

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Authors: Fernando Lara, Jared Covili

UEN Homeroom: Teachers and Students Talk Podcasting with Matt Winters and Rory Beals

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On the final episode of the season, Dani Sloan and Katie Blunt bring Matt Winters and Rory Beals on UEN Homeroom to talk about the power of podcasting. Matt Winters is the host of the UCET podcast and will soon be a co-host on UEN Homeroom. Rory Beals is a graduating senior from West High and the creator of "The Way I 'Z' It" podcast where he talks about modern issues from the perspective of a Generation Z individual. Listen in for an exciting conversation!

Material Type: Activity/Lab