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LitFlix October 2022

The resources in this collection can help support your study of the literature and films featured in season 1 of UEN LitFlix.

Month: October 2022

Theme: Eerie October


  • October 7 - The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945). Handsome aristocrat Dorian makes a wish with horrifying results in a film based on Oscar Wilde’s novel, now in the UEN LitFlix Book Buzz Collection!
  • October 14 - Dr. Renault’s Secret (1942). A young doctor suspects a lab assistant of murder, little realizing the truth is even more appalling. Based on Gaston Leroux’s Balaoo.
  • October 21 - Dominique (1979). A man pulls deadly strings to nab his wife’s money—but does she get revenge from beyond the grave? From the short story “What Beckoning Ghost” by Harold Lawlor.
  • October 28 - The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957). Environmental toxins transform an ordinary guy. From Richard Matheson’s sci-fi novel.
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5th grade Autobiography Unit
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This is a lesson plan can be used to add technology to your classroom. Students will creae an Narrative autobiography in both a media form and a 5 paragraph essay. 

Elementary English Language Arts
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