iPad Lesson- Fairy Tale Book

Step 3 - Instruction

1. Before introducing the assessment:

Read the "Three Little Pigs" with the students. Any version will work. On the board, list the events that happened. Then, read "The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs" with the students. This story is from the wolf's point of view. Next to the original events on the board, write what the wolf said happened. Talk about what the author did to make you feel bad for the wolf in his version.

2. Story Planning:

Give each student a story planning paper. Have them list in order the events that happened in the story. On the other side, have them write what happened from the villain's point of view. The goal here is to make the reader feel bad for the villain during their series of events. Once the planning is done, have students write out or type out a rough draft of their story.

3. Story Board:

Have students use the story board paper to plan out what part of their story will go on each page and what kind of image they will want to use. 

4. Children's book:

Students will use the book template on Pages to put together their book. They will need to find copyright free images (pixabay is a good option if it's not blocked by your school) or they can draw and upload their own drawings. Once students have their books together, I have them share it with me so I can color print it. You can have them share it in whatever way works best for your classroom.