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    Education Standards

    Mean, Median, Mode, Range

    Mean, Median, Mode, Range


    This is the first unit for the 7th-grade statistics lesson to cover Mean, Median, Mode, and Range. It covers Utah Core Math Standards 7. S.P.1-2: 

     Use random sampling to draw inferences about a population

    Before Teaching the Lesson-

    You need to know that, the picture is my own personal picture taken on the plane, over Greenland. You may use it however you want.

    This lesson could be taught in two days, by including other side materials, It might be totally 50+50=100 minutes. It is an introduction to statistics 7. s.p.1.

    Mean. median. mode, range are three important components of statistics. Teachers need to verify the definitions within examples. 

    You can see the examples in order to help the learners level by level.

    Standard :    you may see details through this link.

    Learning Objective

    While teaching the standard: your learning objective might be "  I can calculate mean, mode, median, and range " to clarify the students learning target.


    Diverse Learners :

    for the diverse learners, you may pause and discuss the definitions with each step. Mostly visuals help more and more for many learners conceptualize the main terms and connections.

    Instructional Design:

    1. Ask the news terms: What do you know about these terms? ( they knew little from 6tg grade ) 

    2. Before watching the video; Mention the content, and pause from time to time to discuss the items.

    3. Video needs to be given partially with discussions, (if you can) adapt it to the Edupuzzle format.

    4. Terms need to be taken note of in their own papers to use guided notes.

    5, Solve one example yourself, then solve the next together

    6. Assign a collaboration time for the learners after your solution.

    7. the Last page could be used for either exit ticket or in-class individual practice.


    I attached the worksheet that is OER from DAD's worksheet website

    you may use it for formative or summative assessment.


    Statistics 7th Grade

    1. Math Antics video needs to be shared first

    2. Definitions on the pdf might be given

    3. For each section, students need to try solving the problems themselves.

    4. Teacher may explain the problems 

    5. last two pages might be their assessments to see the learners' level of learning.

    Definitions of Mean, Median, Mode, and Range

    Time : 50 Minutes lesson 

    Visual for definitions