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This is a combination of digital guidelines review, a lesson about being respectful and safe online, and a culminating group project.
Information Technology Education
Upper Elementary
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Mike on Aug 08, 03:26pm

Something I like about this resource is how you had a review section before moving forward with the material, reminding them about the things they had been taught and should know. I also loved how there were attachments to use, links, and rubrics. I would like to also see some examples of the good citizenship and bad examples. Maybe you already did that in previous lessons, but just a few ideas to work with in case they need a reminder again.
Something I have noticed in some of the projects for online lessons that we as teachers have to do is that some of the instructors show an example of a finished product and others don't. It would be nice to see an example of what you are expecting. Maybe one that they can't copy, but something that triggers ideas in their minds.

Julianna on Aug 05, 06:01pm

Added tags, but OER does not have ISTE standards yet. I also put in a link to the Kahoot game in the lesson plan, but it is also linked on the infographic. In addition, I added possible answers to the think-pair-share questions to help students who are stuck and it will be easy to provide non-examples from the possible answers. I also added a rubric to the final project.

Heidi on Aug 05, 12:47pm

I really liked both of your infographics. They were both designed nicely and are eye catching.

One area that could be improved on is during the explanation of your lesson, it might be more interesting for students if examples of correct and incorrect digital citizenshipt were included. Sometimes kids just don't understand what they should be looking for unless they have an example of positive and negative digital citizenship to compare to.

I wonder if this resource would be better to find on emedia if standards were added and if more tags were included.

One idea to consider with this resource is to add an example of what the final project might look like or what you want to see from the kids when they turn it in along with a rubric of what they would be graded on specifically. A link to the kahoot quiz or a pdf version of it would also be helpful to the teacher.


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