Honeeshgish A Navajo Legend

Step 4 - Assessments


Literacy Skills:


  • Does the student's prediction make sense to the story?
  • Can the student support thier prediction with text, feature or picture evidence?
  • Can the student monitor and reflect on whether thier prediction was correct or incorrect?


  • Retell. Have students demonstrate understanding by retelling or describing the text in their own words. Use the beginning, middle, and end framework to help students remain concise and on the right track. This can also be done orally. 

  • Sequence. Assess reading comprehension using a sequence of events timeline or plot diagram. Both will let you know if students have a solid grasp of the text. If you want students to demonstrate understanding with a timeline of events, set the number of events ahead of time. Five to seven events should be enough to assess understanding. Limiting the number of events will provide students with structure and cut down on the assessment time. 

  • Visualize. Strong readers are able to visualize what they read. Creating mental imagery while reading helps students understand, remember, and take away meaning from the text. Assess comprehension with a quick visualization exercise. First, have students draw a picture that appeared in their mind while reading. Next, have students describe their drawing using one to three sentences. You can do this exercise on blank paper.

  • Connect. The ability to make authentic connections with the text is a strong indicator of comprehension. Students often struggle with comprehension because they have a hard time connecting the text to a concrete idea or experience. Use the sentence frames below to quickly assess understanding. Students can make a text-to-text, text-to-self, or text-to-world connection. 


    • _______________ reminds me of _________________ because ________________.
    • _______________ is similar to ________________ because _______________. 
    • ______________ makes me think of _______________ because _______________.

Cultural Learning Assessment

  • Can the student show on a map approximately where the Navajo Nation reservation is located?
  • Can the student relate reasons why storytelling is important to the the Native American people?