Honeeshgish A Navajo Legend

Lesson Preparation


Student Background Knowledge

  • The student will need to know how lighting and fire were developed, understood, and used.
  • Fire has a role in the ecosystems.
  • People need to be careful with fire. 

Materials Needed:

  • PDF Version of the book: Honeeshgish: A Navajo Legend
  • Optional: fire poker, fire spade, and/or fire tongs
  • Optional: chart paper and makers for KWL chart or Venn diagram

Lesson Preparation:

  • Preview the story for the theme and/or significate message of the story. The Navajo people believe that the Holy People blessed the fire, gave it to the Navajo people to use in thier fireplaces, their homes, and gave them fire for their ceremonies. 
  • Determine how your students may relate the story to thier own cultures or experiences. Think of an experience of your own that you can share with the class. 
  • Be prepared to guide the student through activies BEFORE, DURING and AFTER reading. 
  • Read the background information and choose how to share the information in that section on Native American storytelling and the Navajo tribe. 

Strategies for Diverse Learners:

  • Group students who are hands-on learners and that have varied abilities by learning style, not by ability. 
  • Students love to talk! As a teacher you can incorporate this preference into your teaching strategy. Immediately after modeling a thinking strategy or steps to solving a problem, allow students to speak for two minutes about the content and the process used to support learning the content. This “dialogue time” between modeling and students working independently or in pairs allows students to “think aloud” to confirm and affirm their thinking. Some students need to verbalize to internalize.

  • Modify assignment as needed. Modifying the assignment(s) as needed will allow all students to be successful and participate in the class content. Some common modifications include adjusting the difficulty of questions or problems, altering the number of questions or problems, and providing alternative tasks or materials. Each student’s learning style should be considered when making these changes. 


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