The Greedy Porcupine: A Shoshone Tale



Assessment of student learning and mastery can be conducted in a variety of ways, including:

  • Questioning
  • Assignments
  • Performances
  • Presentations
  • Observations
  • Product of Character Mapping

You may use the following questions to guide an informal assessment of prediction skills:

  • Do the predictions make sense to the story?
  • Can the student support their prediction with text evidence?
  • Can the student monitor and reflect on whether their prediction was correct or incorrect?
  • Can the student create new predictions?
  • Can the student return to the original predictions after reading text and build evident to support predictions or make new predictions?

Use the following questions to guide your assessment of cultural learning:

  • Can the student show on a map approximately where the Northwestern Band of Shoshone are located?
  • Can the student relate reasons why storytelling is important to the Native American people?