The Greedy Porcupine: A Shoshone Tale

Lesson Preparation

Initial Preparation

  • Preview the story for the theme and/or significant message, moral or lesson of the story. Porcupine's experiences teach us that our human nature is such that we want better and better. But in search of better and in receiving better, we let go of many good things which have been or could have been given to us. The good things given to us should leave us satisfied and happy but when we are greedy, we lose the good already obtained. Learn to make your choice wisely. According to Shoshone culture, everyone should be proud of who he or she is, not envious of others. Everyone should also be grateful for what they have and avoid complaining. Everyone is given special gifts and talents, which should be used appropriately. If talents are misused, they could be taken away.
  • Be prepared to guide the students through a prediction making session. 
  • Be prepared to guide the students through the character map. 
  • Choose how to share information about Native American storytelling (see attachment) and information about the Northwest Band of Shoshone tribe (see section on "Background Knowledge"). 

Material Needed

Diverse Learners

Differentiate by providing less complex character map templates — for those working to grasp the basics of stories and characters, more complex maps, with students ready to engage in more complex work.