This lesson, activity, and provided template will guide students to interact with the Rule of Thirds in existing images and encourge them to consider this design concept when capturing images.
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Rule of Thirds
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Colby Hawkins on Dec 06, 10:24am

Something I like about this resource is that it is very practical and easy to implement. It also teaches students in a short amount of time why they should beware of the rule of thirds, that it is a useful guideline but following it does not immediately make their composition good.
An opportunity for improvement of this resource may be to provide more explicit instruction on how to assess students' understanding. The plan calls for teachers to walk around and look at what students are coming up with but does not have any formal rubrics or criteria that teachers should be looking for.
Something I wonder about this resource is how long it would take students to do in the classroom.
One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is perhaps giving some exemplar of how the template is used effectively to frame photos.



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