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Upper Elementary
Demonstrative Pronouns, Lesson Plan, Object Pronouns, Personal Pronouns, Possessive Pronouns, Pronouns, Subject Pronouns
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Subject/object pronoun Nearpod

Subject/object pronoun Nearpod


This is a Nearpod I created with the use of Nearpods own 1 minute lessons.  It is interactive, with polls, fill in the blanks, quiz, and matching pairs.  There is also a collaborative board.  It can be utilized in either student paced or teacher paced scenarios.

Time frame and Format

This lesson can be teacher or student paced.  It will take less than ten minutes.  It is an interactive Nearpod lesson.


Background for Teachers

To teach this lesson, you will need a Nearpod account.  If each student has a chromebook, you can choose to do the student or teacher paced or version.  If you have a computer and a promethean board, you can choose the teacher paced lesson.

Step 1 - Goals and Outcomes

Learning Intentions:

  • Students will be able to identify subject and object pronouns
  • Students will be able to identify possesive pronouns

Success Criteria:

  • Students will determin subject or object pronouns
  • Students will know when to use "I" and "me"

Step 2 - Planning Instruction

I don't believe there is any planning necessary.  Most pertinent concepts are reviewed in the Nearpod.  If you would like to add an additional worksheet for practice, I have included one here.

Step 4 - Assessments

Nearpod has its own assessment tool.  Please use that tool to see if further practice is needed. I have also included an additional worksheet if more practice is needed following the nearpod.

Step 3 - Instruction

Because this lesson is a Nearpod, there is little preperation.  Good luck!