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School Wide Kindness Tracking Program
Preschool, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary
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Michael on Oct 23, 09:31am

Shawna! This is a fantastic resource. I know its geared towards grades k-5, but I think it has a really important message that all grades should experience. I currently teach high school and already want to apply this experience to my own students! I teach health sciences and am inspiring/preparing students to not only prepare their educational experience into healthcare but also prepare them for what it means to be a healthcare professional. I think this resource applied to my students' experience could be a great experience for them! Thank you for creating this.

Shawna @Michael on Oct 24, 07:25pm

Thank You!! I know it was not a core standard, but I wanted to share this idea with others. I help brains and hearts grow in my library.

ILA on Oct 17, 02:17pm

Hi Shawna, I love this idea of having kids focus on kindness. Kindness matters. I love that there is a bulletin board. To improve this lesson it would be helpful to have a list of books to choose from that teach kindness. It's faster for me to Youtube a story than search for one. I wonder if the students are honest when reporting. One idea I thought of to help with honesty is to have the kids write on a small piece of paper what they did to show kindness and staple the paper to the bulletin board. The papers could change each month like pumpkin shapes printed on a square for October.

Shawna @ILA on Oct 24, 07:36pm

Thank You! I use a song on Youtube called "Kindness is a muscle". It pairs well with this lesson and the students love it. One of the things that I cover while collecting the kindness count each week is honesty. I say "Who has kindness to report?" Once the students start raising their hands I remind them I need a number not a story. Then I say "Please be honest. Why?" To which they reply "It is the right things to do!"

I love your suggestion of adding the paper shaped, but my bulleting board is a small cork board hung in the hall with command hooks. Maybe I could add the paper to the wall with the janitor's permission.



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