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    School Workers Lesson Plan

    School Workers Lesson Plan


    This resource is a lesson plan about identifying the role of people in the school (principal, librarian, secretary, custodian, bus driver, crossing guard, etc.) It includes a "Guess Who" gameshow Google Slides presentation, a document where students will take notes when conducting school worker interviews, and a school workers Google Slides presentation. The final project for the lesson is creating school worker videos using Adobe Spark. Lesson plan author: Sarah Rollins

    Lesson Plan

    1st Grade Social Studies

    Who are the people who work in our school?


    Standard1st Grade Social Studies Standard 1.2aIdentify the roles of people in the school (e.g., principal, teacher, librarian, secretary, custodian, bus driver, crossing guard, and cafeteria staff).
    IntroductionDay 1: Begin the lesson by playing the guess who game slideshow presentation. Students will be given 3 clues about what this school worker does, and they have to guess who it is. Once they guess correctly the picture is uncovered (directions in slideshow template). On each slide after guessing who it is and discussing their job title, have students think about that person and what questions they have for that person about what they do or how they do their job 3 questions for each (teacher writes on question paper for each person and keeps these papers for later).
    ActivityDay 1: Split students into small groups of 3-4, and assign each group a school worker and a paper with the questions they came up with for that person. Then have students take an iPad and clipboard with the questions paper for note taking, and they can go interview that school worker and ask them those questions (Talk to these people ahead of time about this so they know it is happening and are available)1 student can be in charge of filming the interview with an iPad to reference later, 1 student can ask the questions, and 1-2 students can be in charge of writing down the answers for the questions. (Video to ensure the answers are recorded since 1st-grade writing skills aren’t always high)Have students line up with their group, and then walk with the whole class stopping at each spot and dropping off a group to do their interview. Ask the school worker to bring the group back when they are done. When students return, show them how to save/send their videos to you so they don’t get lost and collect questions papers.Day 2: Have students get back into their groups, and give them their paper and access to the interview video. Students work in a group to decide 3 important things they will teach the class about their school worker. They will then work in a group to create a Google slide about their school worker (students work off a premade slide with the person’s picture and name, they just fill in their 3 facts).When students finish their slide, the teacher will create an Adobe Spark video of all the slides (save as, jpg. for each slide) made by each group with a title page, music, etc.Day 3: While doing independent work, student groups will come and take turns recording their voices onto the video for their slide. When finished either that day or the next day, the class will watch the video together to learn about each school worker from their classmates. This video can then be shared with parents or others in the school for the students to share their knowledge outside the classroom.
    Materials-Guess who slideshow game-Paper to write questions on that students can then use to write the answers-clipboards and pencils-1 iPad or another video tool for each group-School Workers slideshow (for students to work on)-Adobe Spark account (tutorial)-LMS or email to pushout slideshow to students-1 computer or Chromebook for each group*It is better if students already have experience with working in Google slides prior to this lesson