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Letter of the Day: S

Letter of the Day: S


This lesson teaches the letter S and what sounds the letter S makes. It also includes a letter S art activity.


In this lesson students will be introduced to the letter S, learn what sound the letter S makes, and do a letter S drawing activity.

  • Time frame: This lesson will take 35-45 minutes.
  • Format: This lesson is designed to be done face-to-face as a whole class, but could easily be altered a bit and done virtually.


Background for Teachers

This is a pretty straight forward lesson introdcing students to the letter S. To teach this lesson, you will need an understanding of the letter S, what it looks like, an what sound it makes. If you search Learn to draw letter S you will find the video for the art activity. 


Step 1 - Goals and Outcomes


Language Standard 1
Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.

a. With guidance and support, identify and write many upper - and lowercase letters, including those in the student's name.

Learning Intentions:

  • Students will be able to recognize and identity the letter S and tell you what the sound the letter S makes.

Success Criteria:

  • When asked, a student can tell you the sound the letter S makes and identify it on a sheet of random letters.


Step 2 - Planning Instruction


Student Background Knowledge

Students enter kindergarten at so many different levels. There will be some students who already know the letter S and what sound it makes, others that have had some introduction to it  but haven't mastered it, and others who have never been introduced to the letter S. To access student background knowledge start the lesson out by singing the aphabet song and pointing to the letters on a alphabet chart. 


Strategies for Diverse Learners

When talking about the letter S gather different objects from the classroom that begin with the letter S as visuals for your visual learners.


Step 3 - Instruction


Prep before the lesson:

  • Gather items from around the classroom that begin with the letter S ( examples: scissors, stickers, star). 
  • Have the Learn to draw ABC -S video from eMedia pulled up and ready to go (link below). There are a few video options ( Slipper snake, Swimmer, Super Hero, or Santa Clause). I like the slippery snake, but choose the one you think your students would enjoy the most.

Introduce the letter:  

  • Start out the lesson by singing the Alphabet song while pointing to the different letters in the alphabet chart. Tell the class that today we will be learning about the letter S. Point out the letter S. 
  • Sing the letter S song:
  • The S says sssss, the S says sssss, Every letter makes a sound , the S says ssss. (sung to the tune of the farmer and the dell).
  • Show the different items you collected from around the classroom that start with the letter S

Art Activity:

  • Pass out paper and have each student pull out their pencil and crayons. 
  • Play Learn to Draw ABC- S
  • Be prepared to stop after each step to give student a complete the step.



Step 4 - Assessments


Give students multiple chances to tell you what sound the letter S makes throughout the day. As their exit ticket to recess and on their way out the door at the end of the day have them tell you the letter of the day (S) and what sound S makes. During centers you can pull each aside indivitually and ask them to find the S on the alphabet chart.