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Immune System Responses Adobe Spark Video

Immune System Responses Adobe Spark Video


This is a lesson plan that gives students the opportunity to show their knowledge of the two types of immune responses via a video project.


Students will with a partner, take pictures and create a short video using Adobe Spark going through one of the two types of immune responeses.  Students will have two class periods to complete this assignments.


Background for Teachers

Teacher must know the two types of immune system responses and know how each of them work.

Student Prior Knowledge

Students will have been taught the two types of immune response.

Student Learning Intentions & Success Criteria

Students will be able to understand how the body responds to different types of pathogens that enter the human body.

Students will explain the process and effectiveness of humoral immune response and cell mediated immune response. 

Instructional Procedures

1- Teacher will introduce to students that they will be taking a deeper dive into the two immune responses that they learned about the previous class

2- Students will be put into groups of 4.

  • As a group, the students will use their notes from the previous class period to go over the overviews of the two types of immune response.

3- The group will divide into two subgroups (2 students in each subgroup)

4- The students will then decide which subgroup will cover each of the two types of the immune response (antibody mediated(humoral) and cell mediated.

5- The teacher will then explain the assignment.

  •           Students will be using Adobe Spark Video to create a short 1 min video explaining their specific immune response. 
  •           They must include at least 6 pictures, and at least one of them needs to be a photo they took themselves. 
    • Students will be directed to use sites like Pics4learning, flickrCC, Photos for Class,  4FreePhotos, Burst, Unsplash.
  •           There must be some form of explanation on each picture.
  •           They will then add a voiceover, over the entire video explaining IN DETAIL the process they are describing. (use notes, textbook, online textbook, or visible body to find info)
  • Teacher can show example video of humoral immune response. 
  • Explain that their video should be more detailed and around 1-2 minutes long.

6- Once they are finished, they should share their video with the other subgroup in their group. So all 4 memebers have a video explaining antibody mediated immune response and cell mediated immune response. 

  • They should also share their video with the teacher. 

Strategies for Diverse Learners

Teacher can create groups and pairs, making sure to include higher learning and lower learning students into the same groups. 

Students also have free reign over what types of images and ways they create their videos. 

Assessment Plan

The next class period, students will be given a whiteboard quiz over both cell mediated and antibody mediated immune response.  


STRAND 10 Lymphatic System-Students will describe the structures and functions of the lymphatic system.

Standard 4 Describe the general roles of T-cells and B-cells in the immune response.