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Lesson Plan Template
Conditional Remix & Share Permitted
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This is a lesson plan template created by the Utah Education Network. It is meant to guide educators through creating lesson plans that contain all the necessary components for teacher and student success. Remix this template each time you create a lesson to share in eMedia. When you edit each section of the lesson plan template, delete the template description and add your own content. Add files and links to each section as needed. Remember to replace the preview image with an openly licensed image or screen capture that represents your lesson. After completing each lesson plan section included in this template, you will click "next" at the top of your screen. This is when you will replace this overview with your own brief description of your lesson. You will also be asked to finalize your lesson details (metadata), including connecting it to state curriculum standards. Please do not skip these details. These choices are what align your lesson to state standards and help others search for resources in eMedia. Thank you for contributing to eMedia!

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Lesson Plan
Katie Blunt
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