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Reimagine Teaching Webinar Series: Finding Your Why - Taking School Leadership to the Next Level

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Get ready for a fun, interactive, and meaningful webinar that will leave you energized and ready to take your leadership to the next level! We'll find your "why," as we keep it real and explore practical, tangible strategies to build culture, tell your story, improve learning, and increase your leadership capacity- in just one hour! Dr. Courtney Orzel is currently the Associate Director for Professional Development for the Illinois Association of School Administrators. She joined IASA on July 1, after leading Lemont-Bromberek CSD 113A through spring of COVID-19 and five more years, as its superintendent. Prior to that, she has held positions as a middle school principal, assistant principal, and teacher. Dr. Orzel has been honored with recognition from the AASA as a finalist for the Women in Leadership Award in February of 2019, has led the IASA SuperWomen initiative in support of women in leadership, and has led workshops, PD sessions, administrators' academies, and podcasts.

Reimagine Teaching Webinar Series: Boosting Achievement for Students with Limited Formal Education

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This webinar will demonstrate user-friendly techniques that close achievement gaps for Unschooled or Under-schooled Learners. The techniques are applicable in online or face-to-face classes. They are practical and capitalize on the gifts of a diverse classroom. Carol Salva is a Seidlitz Education consultant and the co-author of Boosting Achievement, Reaching Students with Interrupted or Minimal Education. Carol specializes in using researched-based sheltered strategies to teach grade-level content to unschooled/under-schooled language learners. With proven success including these students in content area classes, Carol is able to support teachers to make these efforts practical and to the betterment of the general population. Carol holds a Master's degree in Education Administration with a principal certification and has taught elementary, middle, and high school. In addition to her ESL certification, she is a Certified Gomez & Gomez Dual Language Trainer and a Certified Abydos Writing Trainer.

Author: Carol Salva

Reimagine Teaching Webinar Series: Better By Design

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We didn’t ask for this. We didn’t anticipate this. But now many of us are teaching online and virtually. In this workshop, we explore how to boost engagement, improve collaboration, and increase student ownership in distance learning environments. We explore, step-by-step, how to improve virtual class meetings, how to use choice menus strategically, and how to get students engaged in creative projects at home. By the end, you’ll have tools, strategies, and a clear plan for the future. John Spencer is a former middle school teacher and current college professor who is passionate about seeing kids reach their creative potential. He is the co-author of the bestselling books Launch and Empower. In 2013, he spoke at the White House, sharing a vision for how to empower students to be future-ready through creativity and design thinking.

Material Type: Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: John Spencer

Reimagine Teaching Webinar Series: Boosting Student Engagement Online

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In this session, we cover seven specific strategies you can use to boost student engagement when doing virtual sessions. We dive into how to create meaningful small group interaction and how to incorporate movement and creativity into these sessions. We also explore how to design meaningful online instruction that takes students away from their screens. John Spencer is a former middle school teacher and current college professor who is passionate about seeing kids reach their creative potential. He is the co-author of the bestselling books Launch and Empower. In 2013, he spoke at the White House, sharing a vision for how to empower students to be future-ready through creativity and design thinking.

Reimagine Teaching Webinar Series: TinkerLab - Creating to Understand

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The act of tinkering inspires creativity, problem solving, and collaboration. This workshop will inspire you to think, grow, and share. Tools and ideas will be shared that can be used in classrooms as well as at home with common household items. Come join the fun! Dean is an educator, a professional speaker, education consultant, and co-founder of Beyond The Chalk, a Montana based company, focusing on transforming education through teacher and student teaching and learning opportunities. Dean emphasizes creating meaningful relationships as he shares ideas on topics such as Google Apps for Education, Mobile Devices, 1:1 Rollout and Adoption, Assessment, and School Leadership. Jeff Crews, co-founder of Beyond the Chalk, believes in the power of education and the need to continuously provide transformational learning experiences around the world to help excite, engage, and empower all learners.

Reimagine Teaching Webinar Series: The Brainiacs Guide to Maximizing Instructional Time

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In this interactive session, participants will learn how to maximize instructional time according to brain sciences. You don’t need to be a scientist to follow these simple, but effective instructional techniques that align with how our brains naturally prefer to learn. The session will be helpful for those teaching remotely or face-to-face. Dr. Patricia Hilliard serves as a digital innovation coach on the Professional Leading and Learning Collaborative team. She works with school districts to design, develop and deliver professional learning to teachers, administrators and instructional support staff. Patricia began her career as a university instructor and most recently was the lead instructor and curriculum developer for an an alternative teacher licensure program.

Reimagine Teaching Webinar Series: Looking in the Mirror: Seeing Bias and Racism Within Ourselves (Part 2)

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We must acknowledge we have biases. Acknowledgment, awareness, and understanding. These are the critical steps towards actualizing internal growth and sustainable change around understanding how our biases work and how to be mindful of them. We must be aware that all of us are shaped by our environment and that in many cases is a direct result of our biases. When you are in a position of power, your biases can lead to and/or reinforce racist policies. Developing an awareness of this is critical for personal growth. In this session, we will begin the process and develop sustainable mechanisms for understanding our own biases as well as the correlation between them and racism. We will also examine how this adversely affects our actions and interactions with students. Ken (He/Him/His) currently holds an M.A. in Education with a specialization in Educational Technology as well as New Media Design and Production. He has worked as an Educator for over 20 years and spent most of his classroom experience teaching technology at the Middle School level. As a part of his active involvement within the Educational Technology community, Ken is an Apple Distinguished Educator, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, and a Google Certified Innovator. Ken has worked extensively at the policy level with a number of State Departments of Education, Ministries of Education, and was appointed to the Educational Technology Task Force formed by a previous California State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Ken regularly gives keynotes, presentations, consults, and leads workshops, covering a wide variety of Educational Technology, Equity and Inclusion, Anti-Bias/Anti-Racist, Multimedia Literacy, Cultural Intelligences, Visual Storytelling, and Instructional Design topics. Ken is the ISTE Digital Equity PLN 2018 Excellence Award winner.

Reimagine Teaching Webinar Series: Creative Feedback, Increasing Engagement in a Remote Art Class

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How do we as Art teachers provide feedback as well as capture students’ artistic processes? Attend this session and learn concrete techniques for bringing creative processes to life and offer frequent feedback in a remote art class. Kelly Kermode currently serves as a teacher for Forest Hills Public Schools. With 20+ years of teaching and coaching experience, Kelly loves to think big and explore ways to think outside the box. In May of 2018, Kelly opened a pottery studio in downtown Grand Rapids. Her goal is to help our community find space and reflection through creativity. She continues to work as a global educational technology consultant and is the co-author of Bring the World to Your Classroom: Using Google Geo Tools. You can find her at @coachk on Twitter.

Author: Kelly Kermode

Reimagine Teaching: Accessibility Foundations for K-12

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This workshop reviews the basics of providing accessible online instruction for students with disabilities and more inclusive experiences for all students in your classroom. Join us to learn why accessibility is important, simple things you can do, and how accessibility benefits all students. Additional resources are available here:

Material Type: Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Christopher Phillips

Reimagine Teaching Webinar Series: Using Slidedecks as an Interactive Tool for Distance Learning

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Learn how to use Google Slides as an interactive tool between students and teachers for instruction and communication in a distance learning setting. Melissa Lim: Technology Integration Specialist, Portland Public Schools I work collaboratively with administrators, curriculum and instruction, teachers, students, and other central departments to support professional learning and the integration of technology and curriculum, in both leadership and classroom settings across Portland Public Schools.

Author: Melissa Lim

Reimagine Teaching Webinar Series: What Leaders at Great Schools Do Better: Tech and Inspiring One's Team

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Learn to craft staff planning and interaction that inspire teachers to work together in new ways, see new possibilities for school improvement, and launch new initiatives. These include both in-person and online approaches. Rushton Hurley is an educator who believes this is a great time to teach. In his work, he has taught Japanese language, been principal of an online school, directed a professional development program, and succeeded as a social benefit entrepreneur. He loves creativity, collaborative innovation, and laughing at himself. A graduate of Trinity University in San Antoni, Rushton founded and is executive director of the educational nonprofit Next Vista for Learning, which houses a free library of hundreds of short videos by and for teachers and students at The author of two books, Making Your school Something Special and Making Your Teaching Something Special, Rushton works with schools around the work to make them more personally and professionally satisfying places for everyone. His graduate research At Stanford University include using speech recognition technology with beginning students of Japanese in computer-based role playing scenarios for developing language skills. In the 1990’s his work with teenagers at a high school in California led him to begin using internet and video technologies to make learning more active, helping him reach students who had struggle under more traditional approaches.

Author: Rushton Hurley

Reimagine Teaching Webinar Series: Helping Real Readers Grow Remote Reading Lives

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The pivot to online learning has created opportunities for us to use technology in new and innovative ways. In this session, we will discuss why helping learners create/cultivate positive reading identities is more important than ever while also discovering ways to harness today’s tools to do that remotely. With an emphasis on the factors that most positively affect reading volume, this session is about strategies for using technology to grow readers that will work now and when we’re all back together again. Jennifer LaGarde The Library Girl Olympia, WA Jennifer LaGarde is a lifelong teacher and learner, with over 20 years in public education. Her educational passions include leveraging technology to help students develop authentic reading lives and meeting the unique needs of students living in poverty. A huge fan of YA Literature, Jennifer currently lives, works, reads and drinks lots of coffee in Olympia, Washington. Follow her adventures at or on Twitter @jenniferlagarde.

Author: Jennifer LaGarde

Reimagine Teaching Webinar Series: Elevate Your Community Standing and Purpose - A Principal's Guide to Sharing and Connecting on Social Media

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Social media can be a powerful tool for telling the story of a school and to engage your school community. This session will focus on the power and purpose of sharing and connecting using social media. Tim will highlight how school leaders can use social media tools to build a culture of sharing that supports the work of the school. Tim’s experience as a classroom teacher, district-level administrator, and building principal highlights the value of iteration in the learning process, and how sharing can deepen both professional and personal learning for both teachers and school leaders.

Author: Tim Lauer

Reimagine Teaching Webinar Series: Leveraging Choice and Flexibility to Increase Remote Learning

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This session will provide leaders with a theoretical background and practical guidance regarding student choice and flexibility within instructional designs. We will review a high-level summary of the body of research on human motivation and principles of choice. We will then discuss guidelines and guardrails to apply when planning varied choices for learners. The facilitator will present five different categories of choices that educators may consider using in their instructional designs. A specific example within each category will be shared. The session will culminate with leaders’ opportunity to consider how they may use the concepts from this professional learning event to support teachers at their schools. Jon Cooney - Jon has been an educator for the past 23 years. Most recently, he spent 11 years as the principal at Bella Romero Academy of Applied Technology in Greeley, Colorado. The Academy is a K-8 school serving over 1,100 students across two campuses. He has earned degrees from the University of Virginia, Colorado State University, and the University of Northern Colorado.  He is passionate about supporting all students in succeeding in their K-12 endeavors such that their dreams in life will ultimately come to fruition.

Author: Jon Cooney

Reimagine Teaching Webinar Series: Critical Creativity in the Era of Remote Learning

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How might we design opportunities for creative expression to demonstrate content understanding and deeper learning -- from a distance? Explore several ready-to-roll strategies, adaptable to any classroom, any impact area, in any learning environment.   Dan Ryder - Success & Innovation Center, Director. #SICMBC Idea wrangler, design thinker, improviser, author, and award-winning educator. Apple Distinguished educator. NEA Foundation’s 2018 Horace Mann Award for Teaching Excellence Co-Author, INTENTION: Critical Creativity in the Classroom (Blend Education, 2017) Writer, PANELS & PERSPECTIVES: The Comic Book Guide to Creating Comics in the EFL Classroom (US Department of State, 2019)

Author: Dan Ryder