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Open Middle Task: Ordering Rational Numbers

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Open Middle tasks provide opportunities for student to approach a mathematical task using different strategies and representations. They can be used as a warm-up/closing activity, as a formative assessment, or to facilitate discourse and discussion and get insite into student thinking and problem solving. These tasks provide a great opportunity for student to engage with the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Lesson, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Math Shorts: Proportional Relationships

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In this video, learn how ratios, tables, and graphs can help identify proportional relationships. In the accompanying classroom activity, students use a classic mathematical task to improve their understanding of ratios and proportions. After watching the video and having a brief class discussion and review of ratios, students work in pairs to determine which of two punch mixtures tastes more like juice. This set of problems extends students' understanding of ratios while requiring them to use both multiplicative and additive reasoning in their responses.

Material Type: Activity/Lab