Changes in the Earth's Surface

Step 3 - Instruction

Step 3 Instruction

1. Spend time going through the discussion slides and using the Think-Pair-Share strategy, giving students time to think about the discussion questions prior to sharing with their partner. Then have students share with the class what their partner shared with them. 

2. After going through the discussion slides, have students Think-Pair-Share with a new partner the following:

             * Name three things that you've learned that cause changes to the earth's                   surface and describe how those changes happen.

3. Review with students how to properly handle photography equipment and rules for going on a neighborhood field trip. Have students partner up with someone and each pair of students should share a mobile divice for taking photographs. (Alternatively, take the class on a Virtual field trip.)

4. Inform students that while they are out on the field trip, they need to watch for evidence of changes to the earths surface and take photographs of any evidence they find.

5. When back at the classroom, have partners pair up with another set of partners to share their photographs in the group. 

6. Students should download photos to Google Docs for use later. Students can also take photos with their families and bring in for the final project. 

7. Review with students the proper way to cite borrowed photographs from Wikimedia Commons following this format:

  • Name of the Work, Name of the owner/creator, License, Location of the work

8. Review with students how to write a complete sentence and use correct punctuation. 

9. Students will write their books and create a book cover showcasing what they have learned (1-2 days will be spent on this assessment). Their books will include their photos and/or photos found on Wikimedia Commons. Each photo should include a description of the type of change that has occured and whether it was a rapid or slow change. Go through the Rubric with the students so that they know what is expected.