American Founders and Constitution Month Constitutional Fitness

While Constitution Day on September 17 has been the law of the land for years, and made official in 2004, this will be the first year (2023) when a complementary observance, American Founders and Constitution Month, will be held in September. Modeled after similar legislation in Florida, this observance encourages an emphasis on the thinkers who helped shape the Constitution. An optional K-5 U.S. Constitutional Fitness Program has been developed for students to participate in through activities and learning experiences at home and at school. With the completion of six requirements per grade, students will earn a grade level Constitution Fitness Certificate. Participants who fulfill requirements each year will receive a grade-level Constitutional Fitness certificate, kindergarten through fifth grade. Donations are currently being sought to provide a medal or something of the like at the end of fifth grade, if all grades have been completed. Attached are the program, a printable tracker, and pdfs of each grade level certificate (meant to be printed double-sided).