Planet Invasion Lesson Plan

Planet Invasion Lesson Plan


Subject: Physical Education - Planet Invasion

Grade Level: 5th grade

Lesson Length: 60 Minutes

Background for Teachers

Equipment Needed: 

  • Dots
  • Flags
  • Paint/wheel
  • Cones (16)
  • Tennis balls

Step 1 - Goals and Outcomes

Step 1 Goals and Outcomes

Core Standards: 

  • Standard 1, Objective 1
  • Standard 3, Objective 1, Objective 2
  • Standard 4, Objective 1, Objective 2, Objective 3
  • Standard 5, Objective 2
  • Standard 6, Objective 2


The game allows students to apply what they have learned about chasing, fleeing, and
dodging. The game allows for spatial awareness and avoiding others when moving through
general space.

Step 2 - Planning Instruction

Step 2 Planning Instruction


  • Have a partner to help collect "valuables"
  • Use bigger balls for "valuables"


  • This activity can be used to help integrate mathematical concepts by a classroom teacher by making each type of “valuable” a different point amount, according to either the type of valuable it is, or where it is placed on the planet (e.g., items at the center would be worth more points). At the end of each game, students then can add up how much “valuables” they took from the planet.

Step 3 - Instruction

Step 3 Instruction

Warm Up:

  • Dynamic Stretches-
  • Skip jumps
  • Frankenstein kicks
  • Hug your knee
  • Lunges
  • Carioca/Grapevine
  • Butt kickers
  • High knees
  • Sprint

How to Play:

  • Planet Invasion:


  • Using paint and cones mark out a large square with 10-meter (30-foot) sides.
  • Spread the poly spots, Frisbees, and balls inside the playing area.
  • Paint a circle outside the boundary lines, one on each side.
  • Let the class know they will have to use their chasing, fleeing, and dodging skills in order to “protect” their planet and its “valuables”.

Description of Activity:

  • Half of the class spreads out inside the boundary lines; they will be trying to guard all of the “valuables” on their planet.
  • The other half of the class will be wearing flags; they will try to invade the planet and get the “valuables”.
  • When the invader takes something from the planet, they quickly run outside the boundaries and place the item in a circle. If a guard on the planet pulls the flag off an invader while in the planet, that student then has to put the object down on go back outside the boundary line.
  • Once they perform any movement of their choice in place (jump, hop, twist, etc.) for a count of “five”, they become re-energized and may re-enter the game.
  • Once all the “valuables” are stolen the game is over.

Step 4 - Assessments

Step 4 Assessments


  • Have students demonstrate a proper game of Planet Invasion.