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    Choices and Consequences

    Choices and Consequences


    This activity explores the concepts of "choices" and "consequences".


    This activity explores the concepts of "choices" and "consequences".

    Background for Teachers

    Teachers should be prepared to discuss daily choices and their consequences. Teachers should be sensitive to family diversity and cultural backgrounds. Children should have an understanding of what a consequence is.

    Intended Learning Outcomes

    2. Develop social skills and ethical responsibility.
    3. Demonstrate responsible emotional and cognitive behaviors.

    Instructional Procedures

    Invitation to Learn
    Show class the book The Red Racer by Audrey Wood. Have students predict what might happen in the story. If you wanted a new bike, what could you do to get it? Read story.

    Instructional Procedures

    1. Make a chart showing the choices and consequences that happened in the story. Discuss how the ending of the story could have been different if Nona had made different choices.
    2. As a shared writing activity or interactively, make a list of possible choices that students have each day.
      1. Choose one of the items given by the students as a choice in their day.
      2. Use a cube that has "right choice" and "wrong choice" written on it and roll the cube.
      3. Have a student describe what they think the right or wrong choice is and then a consequence.
    3. Students will make their own cube to practice choice and consequence.
      1. Pass out School Choices Worksheet
      2. .
      3. Working with a partner, students will practice picking a situation, rolling the cube, and telling each other whether it is a right/wrong choice and the consequence.
    4. Students will demonstrate their learning in their Create-A-Log by choosing a Create-A-Log Coupons and making the appropriate response.



    Write a story where the main character has to make a choice and deal with the consequence. It could be a story that has two endings, depending on the choice. Adapt for emergent learners by allowing them to make a picture story instead of a written one.

    Family Connections

    • Send a blank Home Choices worksheet (similar to the School Choices worksheet) home with students. Have them decide as a family some situations where choices must be made at home. These could be returned to discuss at school.
    • Let children take their "choice" cube home to practice with their family.
    • Have students write a "choice/consequence" story at home about a family decision.


    Assessment Plan

    • Assess Create-A-Log.
    • Take notes during class discussions regarding who understands the idea of making a choice and receiving the consequence.
    • Observe as students practice activity with partner.
    • Use a rubric to assess written stories.