Adding and Taking Apart Numbers to 5

Adding and Taking Apart Numbers to 5


Have several sets of 5 interlocking cubes, legos, or blocks with 2 different colors.  Talk about how you are holding 5 objects, but you can take them apart by color as you count the amounts in each section.  For example, 1 red block and 4 yellow blocks.  

When they have all been taken apart, you can put them back together.  Help your child(ren) discover how two different colored objects can be put together to make 5. 



Interlocking cubes or legos of at least 2 colors

You can extend this activity by: 

  • Extend the activity by having number cards available
  • You could also add the equals, plus, and minus signs on cards to create math sentences. 


Background for Teachers/Parents

You can use other objects and can change the amount (up to 10 for example) as children are ready.

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Children will take apart and count objects making sure to identify the amounts in each section. 
  • Children will put together 2 different colors of objects and identify what quantities it takes to make a sum of 5. 

Time Frame & Group Size

Time Frame: 10-15 minutes

Group Size: Individual or small group; This skill can be demonstrated with a large group.


Main Standards: 

  • Math 4 yr.2.3
  • Math 4 yr.2.4

Additional Core Standards: 

  • Math 3 & 4 yr.1.1
  • Math 3 & 4 yr.1.5



Jamie Robinson