Repeated Reading

Background for Teachers/Parents

When selecting a book to read multiple times, it is important to select books that have rich text and illustrations. Read the book yourself to help determine what skills you want to target within the book. Stories allow you to engage children, build social and academic language skills, build a love for hearing stories, and lay a foundation for later reading.


Storybooks can also encourage children to write and demonstrate their understanding of story content. For more ideas on writing, please visit the strategies and activities page for writing using the Picture Story/Word Story Strategy. This strategy came from the following source, Paulson, L.H., & Moats, L.C. (2018). LETRS for Early Childhood educators. (2nd Ed.) Cambium Learning, 162-163.


LETRS for Early Childhood Educators written by Lucy Hart Paulson and Louisa C. Moats is a professional development opportunity with flexible learning formats.  This training includes a more detailed approach to repeated reading.  It also includes research for best practices, developmental milestones for typical development, checklists for development, and more. Please consider taking this course to increase your awareness of LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling).