Animal Report Documentary Film

Step 3 - Instruction

Step 3 Instruction


After students have completed their animal report, discuss storyboards and why they are important for film making. 

Model taking your own animal report and putting the information into the script. Using their reports, have students write out the script they will be using. Check in with students. Are they separating their report into sections that make sense in the script?

Script Template

Day 2:

Model creating a storyboard with students. Complete a few sections together. Students will create a story board. Have them write the parts of the script they want in the order they want on their storyboard. Then have them think about what kind of picture they will want to be in that shot. Check in with students to make sure the order they are choosing makes sense. 

Storyboard Template

Day 3: 

Discuss Creative Commons and copywrite. Have students go online and teach them how to search just creative commons or give them an exact site that they can get pictures from to make it easier to cite at the end of their film. Students should try to find photos that match what they drew on their storyboards. 

Have students write down or take a screen shot of the site where they get their photos for easier reference at the end of the project. 

Day 4: 

Show exemplar film. Teach students how to use iMovie by modeling how to creating a few scenes. For my students I will create the title and credit scenes for them to add into their video so there is consitency across the documentaries, like a series. Students will add in their own photo credits. 

Day 5-10:

Have students begin to create their film. Add pictures, music from iMovie, transitions and voice overs. 

Day 11: 

Help students create a citation slide to put at the end of their film.

Day 12: Share films with a partner or 2 for review.

Day 13-14: Showcase films with class. 

Accomodations: You could pair students with the same animal to complet one film together.

Extension: Students with more experience could create collages of their animal to add to their film. They could also add several pictures for one scene.