Cottontail Tames Wood, Water, and Rock

Lesson Preparation

Initial Preparation

  • Preview the story and become familiar with the characters, their problems and the solutions to those problems. Determine how the students in your class might relate the story to forms of bullying and characteristics of being a friend. 
  • Be prepared to guide students in using illustrations to increase comprehension of text and discussions on bullying. Choose a friend project to engage students in on Day Two.
  • Read background information on the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah and choose what to share about cultural traditions, storytelling, tribal recognition and sovereignty.. Keep in mind the question, "How will this enrich my students' understanding?"

Materials Needed

  • Digital copy of the Ute traditional tale "Cottontail Tames Wood, Water and Rock" or copies of the story for paired reading (downloadable and printable book format).
  • A copy of the animal illustrations pages for each student, pairs or triads.
  • Materials for the friend project on day two. 

Strategies for Diverse Learners

Pair students with other students to complete the illustrations sequencing and friend projects.