Decision Making Influences in Literature

Background for Teachers

In order to help students make better choices for themselves, it is important they become more aware of the influences on their decision making:

Habits = what one is accustomed to doing; e.g., doing/not doing drugs, being/not being honest, following through/not following through with responsibilities.
Emotions = the way in which feelings, mental perceptions and reactions are expressed.
Media = ways in which impressions, ideas and information is conveyed; e.g., TV, music, movies, print, etc.
Faith = beliefs (likely spiritual in nature) which may or may not stem from a religion.
Peers = other people, approximately the same age, that one comes in contact with; e.g., friends, classmates and teammates.
Esteem = the way one values (high esteem) or devalues (low esteem) themself.
Family = relations, immediate and extended, living together or apart.
Values = those things held in highest regard; e.g., learning, friendship, money, health, peace, etc.

It is also important that students begin to realize when influences are internal or external.