Short Story Extravaganza

Short Story Extravaganza

Your Mission

TED speakers are really just great storytellers! Throughout this term, you will watch TED recordings and analyze the videos as examples of short stories. Choose six of the following videos to watch. After watching a video, click on the “Short Story and Poetry Extravaganza” file attached in Section 2 to complete a questionnaire about the video you watched. Then, when you reach Section 3, participate in a class discussion about the video you watched. If you need help, please contact your teacher.

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Cameron Paterson - "The Infamous and Ingenious Ho Chi Minh Trail"

Claudia Aguirre - "What Would Happen If You Didn't Sleep?"

Marcel Dicke - "Why Not Eat Insects?"

Bernadette Berti - ¨Did the global response to 9/11 make us safer?¨

Shohini Ghose - ¨Quantum Computing Explained in 10 Minutes¨

"The Dangerous Race For The South Pole"

"A Needle In Countless Haystacks: Finding Habitable Worlds"

"A Brief History of Cheese"

"Does Time Exist?"

Tommy McCall - "The Simple Genius of Good Graphics"

Anu Sridharan - "When Will I Get My Water Next?"

Sarah Parcak - "Armchair Archaeologist"

Marily Oppezzo - "Want To Be More Creative? Go For A Walk"

"How Playing An Instrument Benefits Your Brain"

Mark Shaw - "One Very Dry Demo"


Your Discussion

Using our class Flipgrid account, record a message in which you explain the video to someone who has not seen it before. Your recording does not need to be any longer than a minute. Your classmates can then post questions about the video you watched. Be sure to respond to at least one of these questions.