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Food Safety, Processing, Preservation and Packaging

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Program six looks at how science, engineering and biotechnology have led the way in providing a safe and healthy food supply as well as extending the shelf life of food products. This includes the scientific advances in food processing, spoilage prevention, and retaining nutrition. The preservation and packaging of food is fully explored.æ

TV411. Episode14.

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On "Lifelines," a son writes an emotional letter to his estranged father; "Dictionary Cinema" explains how foreign words are listed in the dictionary; "Milestones" profiles a San Francisco/Bay Area adult learner, Enrique Ramirez, who shares his continuing education with his employer; "Street Beat" gives tips on highlighting text; and on "Sports Smarts", NBA Atlanta Hawks players LaPhonso Ellis and Alan Henderson demonstrate how to figure out time and distance on a map when planning a trip. Plus, a pop quiz about word origins, and "Buzzword" explains the word "reconcile."

Author: KET - Kentucky Educational Television

The Magic School Bus. Cracks A Yolk.

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When the principal, Mr. Ruhle (Paul Winfield), has to go away for a few days, he leaves his beloved chicken, Giblets, in Dorothy Ann's care. Unfortunately, the minute Mr. Ruhle is out the door, Giblets flies away. How will DA ever find another prized Rhode Island Red to replace Giblets? Where do you get chickens anyway? And which comes first, the chicken or the egg? The next thing DA knows, Ms. Frizzle and the class are on a field trip to see how eggs are made "from the inside out"! But will this egg have everything it needs to become "Giblets the Second"?