Fashion, Apparel & Textile Unit

Fashion, Apparel & Textile Unit


This unit will introduce students to the variety of careers in the fashion, apparel and textile industries.  Students will be introduced to the pathway and degrees available to them in Utah.  Students will be able to participate in different aspects of the industry by designing and creating a textile project. 

The full unit is formated for 5 face-to-face instruction days (approx. 70 minute class periods).

  • Day 1: Textile Designer
  • Day 2: Fabric Designing
  • Day 3: Machine Operation
  • Day 4: Practice Sewing
  • Day 5: Sewing Project

(Optional: If you do not have access to sewing machines this lesson could be shortened to 2 days where you focus more on the fashion and textile design careers and cut out the lessons about using the machine.) 

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