Writer’s Notebook Assessment & Work Day Lesson Plan

Writer’s Notebook Assessment & Work Day Lesson Plan


Teachers have students write regularly in writer's notebooks of a variety of beneficial reasons. Polishing and publishing several of these entries in a website portfolio will provide students a real audience and purpose (motivation), the use of various tools of expression (engagement), and an opportunity to be guided through writing as a process (draft, revise, edit, and publish).

This resource is an assessment for writer's notebook participation. Students will prepare a social media post with an image and polished piece of their writing on a social media platform, group chat, or class discussion on the class LMS.


Age-Group: 6th graders, but adaptable to other grades

Time frame: 8-15 writer's notebook entries; two 50-minute class periods for lesson and portfolio work time

Format designed for face-to-face, but teacher can make video of instruction to adapt for asynchronous remote learning


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