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So Many States

So Many States


This lesson plan is for 5th grade teachers looking for an interactive presention to asses student knowledge on US states. It does require the use of Mac/Ipad applications. 


This lesson will have students creating a keynote presentation on one of the 50 states. They will need to look up information on their state's histroy, flags, and nicknames. 

  • Time Frame: 7 school days. 
  • Format: Face to Face



To teach this lesson, you will need an understanding of how Utah Online Library works. There are several different places for the students to explore on this website to find the information they need. Chances are that some of your students have never seen this before and will need a walk through of how to navigate the site. It is pretty user friendly if you sit and play with it for a little bit. 

  • Search the following resources in Utah's Online Library for articles related to this lesson. 
    • CultureGrams
    • WorldBook Kids
    • Gale in Context 


Goals and Outcomes


Learning Intentions:

  • Students will be able to research a state.
  • Success Criteria: 
    • Students will know they have succeeded when they can accurately present information to their classmates using keynote. 
    • Students will know they have succeeded when they have information about the history, flags, and nicknames.

Planning Instruction


Student Background Knowledge

  • Prior to this lesson, students will need to have an understanding of U.S. History as a whole. They will have completed state packets that allow them to find the one the want by reading about each state first.

Strategies for Diverse Learners

  • The diversity in the lesson comes from allowing choice. It aslo is possible to use text to speech and speech to text. Students can have extra time to complete this assignment if needed. All supplies will be given to students in school. Time to work on the project will be given during the school day and not required to be done at home.


Students are going to be making a keynote to present their findings and information on a state of their choice( no states are allowed to be done more than once.). Students will need to have a minimum of 6 slides (Title, history, flags, nicknames, insteresting facts, works cited). They will then use the slide show and present their findings to the class. The class will be filling out an orginizer for each state we hear about. 

Each student will have access to their own comptuer and school WIFI. We will be using Macbook Airs in order to utilize the Keynote application. Students are able to use all the tools given to them in the application.



Student mastery will be based upon complettion on their project and their presentatio of the projects. The rubric is attached below. The things they will be graded on will be:

  • Voice Level
  • Visual Aid
  • On Time
  • Participation
  • Information
  • Eye Contact
  • Professional Posture