Flat Stanley's Adventures

Background for Teachers

Students will first read the short children's novel, Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.  If participating in face-to-face learning, this is a great teacher read aloud.  If virtual learning is occurring then children can read the book on their own.

After completing the book, students will be asked to take a Flat Stanley cut out doll around town to document important landmarks where they live through photography.  Their pictures will be uploaded to a portfolio in Google Sites where written desciptions of each photo will also be documented.

Students will choose a family member or friend who lives in a different city or state than the student.  Their selection will become their pen pal for this project.  Correspondence can be exchanged through email, with an attachment of a Flat Stanley doll out.  The pen pal will collaborate on the Google Site portfolio by importing information about  their town/location.

An example of a student portfolio can be viewed HERE.



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