Social Media and the Stand Against Fake News

Social Media and the Stand Against Fake News


Social media companies are taking action against falsehoods and questionable content posted on their platforms, sparking fresh controversy on the timing and scope of such efforts. Students need to learn when things are okay to share and when they aren't and how to validate online information for truth. Students will also learn the obligations of using and sharing intellectual property and the importance of citing sources.  

Time frame: 5 days - 3 days of 60-90 minute lesson rotations then 2 days of 60-90 minutes working on group projects and presentations.  

Students will be learning the lesson online and in class with a teacher present for questions.  There will be one group assignment where students will create an Apple Keynote presentation validating sources they find on social media outlets.

Required Apps/websites/programs is listed below.


Utah's Online Library

Common Sense Education

Apple's Keynote

Canvas for lesson delivery

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