This is a lesson plan template created by a first grade teacher. It is meant to help teach first graders clcok vocabulary and how to tell time to the hour.
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Lydia on Mar 28, 07:41am

I really liked this resource because it included things that students should know before the lesson which is so helpful as a review before the lesson. The lesson was very interactive and enjoyable for my students and achieved our goal of telling time to the hour. The students love to be able to use the clocks and tell time with others which helps them learn so much and to be involved in the lesson. The learning intentions and success criteria were clear and I feel that the lesson helped to reach these goals.

Angela on Mar 25, 03:34pm

This was a great lesson! I liked the different resources that were used to teach about time. The videos that were shared were a great addition to the lesson. It's important to teach how to count by 5's first so kids know how a clock works- and that concept was taught first in this lesson. I liked that the teacher and class talked about a clock/ telling time together and then the students had an opportunity to work on their own clocks/ telling time!



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