Matter Documentary Lesson Plan

Matter Documentary Lesson Plan



In this lesson, the teacher will guide students in creating films that document the behavior of matter as demonstrated in various scientific experiments.

Time allotted: 1-5 weeks

Utah core standards: SEEd strand 5.2

Instructional Priorities: 

  • Explicit Instruction

  • Instructional Hierarchy

  • Acquisition, Automaticity, Application

DOK level: 4

Lesson sequence: This lesson can be taught at the end of the unit as a way for the teacher to review concepts with students and to allow students to show mastery. Or, the lesson can be adapted to be a unit plan in which students record experiments conducted as part of initial instruction instead of review.

Format: This lesson is planned for in-person, synchronous instruction.

Possible schedule:

  • Week 1 - Create groups, assign one objective per group, review background knowledge, choose experiments that demonstrate the concepts for each objective

  • Week 2 - Write scripts and create story boards for a documentary that explains, demonstrates, and applies each objective.

  • Week 3 - Conduct experiments, record data, record video of each experiment, gather all needed photos, and create related graphs, charts, graphics, etc.

  • Week 4 - Edit projects in iMovie, including graphics, graphs and/or charts, narration, video and photos, background music, titles, and credits.

  • Week 5 - Share and celebrate documentaries and submit them to the film festivals and/or contests.

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