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Animal Informational Writing


Students will watch animal movies and research information to write an informational essay explaining how animals use their bodies to survive in their envirnoment.

Animal Informational Writing


  • Summary:  Students will watch several Animal Tracks videos from eMedia, while watching students will take notes of things they see about how the animals use their bodies to survive in their environment.  Students will then choose one of the animals to write an informational essay on.  They may want to do further research about the animal of their choice before writing.  They will need to complete an outline and then write a 5 paragraph essay explaining how the animal uses its body to survive in its environment.
  • Background for Teachers:  eMedia videos examples:   African Elephant, Alligator, Army Ant, Barn Owl, other videos are availavle from eMedia if you search Classic Animal Tracks
  • Student Prior Knowledge:  students will need to understand vocabulary words:  survive, environment, informational essay.  They will need to know how to take notes from a video, how to research using Utah's Online Library to find more information, how to make and use an outiline, how to write a 5 paragrpah essay.
  • Objectives/Learning Intentions:  Students will be able to research and write an informational essay about how animals use their bodies to survive in their environment.  
  • Instructional Procedures:  The teacher will show several Classic Animal Tracksl movies to the class and instruct students to watch for/take notes on how the Animals use their bodies to survive, students will take notes, choose an animal and do further research using Utah's Online libraryon that animal.  The teacher will hold writer's workshops to meet with each student.  Students will meet with the teacher after they have made their writing choice, after they have done research, after they have made their outline, after writing each paragraph.   Teacher will give instructions to students as needed through the writing process.
  • Assessment Plan:  The teacher will know students are learning as she meets with students in groups/individually throughout the writing unit and they apply the instructions given in their writing.  Using a writing rubric teachers and students will know what areas students do well or need improving in their writing.